Wish – Skool Gurl Diaries (Reloaded)

Wish - Skool Gurl Diaries (Reloaded)

If you’re an R&B fan who’s on the net, you’ve noticed that Wish‘s Suga Daddy is EVERYWHERE – and I take personal pride in knowing that we were one of the first sites to post it. =)

In the interest of providing a bit of “history” on Wish, we’re posting her first album, Skool Gurl Diaries. This is how I first found out about her, after our mutal friend Cathryn Marie posted a catchy little tune called Slut (Gimme a “S”); I’ve been hooked ever since. As much love as Wish and her songwriter Donny Roc got for this album, I’m surprised it didn’t get even bigger than it did. This was an incredibly written/performed/produced collection of tunes (although personal preference still could have done without the unnecessary Auto-Tune). In any event, vibe out to this album, listen to Suga Daddy if you haven’t already (if you have, listen to it again), and anticipate Stripdown knowing that you’re all caught up!

DOWNLOAD: WISH – SKOOL GURL DIARIES (RELOADED) (right click, ‘save as…’)