Promise – The Pinky Project

Promise - The Pinky Project

I’ve been waiting for more music from Promise Ramsey since iPromise was released…she dropped this new EP about a week ago, and while I haven’t gotten to listen to it until today, I am definitely digging it. There’s a lot of variety going on here, from Wish-esque old/new school hybrids, to neo-soul vibes, to slow jams. If you like all-around good R&B, I “promise” (pardon the pun) you’ll enjoy The Pinky Project.

DOWNLOAD: PROMISE – THE PINKY PROJECT (right click, ‘save as…’)

Carlitta Durand – Nostalgic Nights

Carlitta Durand - Nostalgic Nights

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2011 is off to a great start for everyone. Carlitta actually released this album on Christmas Eve, exactly one year after releasing The Doug and Patty EP (which featured her Lost Love collab with Jabee). This album is classic Carlitta; all the backing beats complement her voice perfectly. As much as I dig her appearances on tracks by Chaundon, Skyzoo, and others, I love hearing her in her element. Now for the long wait to see what she has in store for Christmas Eve 2011…


Dale North – Oh Holy Night 2010

Dale North - Oh Holy Night 2010

It looks like pressure paid off, because here’s a new Christmas song by Dale North! Dale takes Oh Holy Night and gives it a spin that would make Brian McKnight proud. The only issue I can find with this song is that Dale clearly sounds under the weather at some parts (which he admits to in his song writeup). But if he’s willing to make a song for us despite being sick, who are we to judge? Definitely one of Dale’s best Christmas tracks.

And I think that’s gonna do it for SmoothedOut for 2010. I’m gonna take the last few days of 2010 and look for more songs (along with doing some holiday-related shizz). See you in 2011!


Heather Victoria – The Letter (ft. Skyzoo)

This track was easily my favorite on HV‘s Victoria’s Secret. Perhaps there was some bias because Skyzoo is one of my favorite emcees? It’s possible, but I just love the overall vibe of the song. Heather and E. Jones put together a R&B/Hip Hop hybrid very reminiscent of mid-90s-style Mary J. Blige; Sky, who’s def a throwback to the 90’s “boom bap” era, only heightens the vintage feel. Dope.


Anthony Lofton – Silent Night

Keeping with the holiday-ness is a cover of Silent Night by saxophonist supreme, Anthony Lofton. Anthony rocked this out at a Christmas performance at his church this past weekend, for a production called “The Amazing Super Fantastic Christmas Surprise” (such a cool name). This may be one of the coolest renditions of Silent Night I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard wayyy too many. If you want to hear more of Anthony’s stuff, check out his debut album, Sensational, at the link below.

And on an unrelated note, we just learned that Wish, who we’ve covered here a couple times, just signed a record deal with Jive Records! Congrats Wish!!!


Dale North – Last Christmas ’07

Dale North - Last Christmas '07

Wanna know a surefire way to get burned out on holiday music? Work at Macy’s during the Christmas season. Even though I’ve heard more covers of Wham!‘s classic Last Christmas than I care to recount, this version by Dale North is easily my favorite, even surpassing the original. If some budding film producer was working on some holiday-themed romantic comedy, they may want to consider this track. Dale tends to drop a holiday song or two this time each year so I’m gonna try to showcase at least one more by Christmas (while pressuring him to make a new one).


D. Malone – Welcome to the DMixes

D. Malone - Welcome to the DMixes

D. Malone has been featured here before, but she recently dropped this new mixtape, and since today is her birthday, there’s no time like the present to feature it. As the name of the project implies, she’s basically adding her own vocals to popular tracks by artists such as Trey Songz, J. Cole and others. I love D’s voice and style, so I’m definitely digging her contributions to these tracks. And if you haven’t hit up iTunes for What Would You Do, I strongly encourage doing so.


Promise – iPromise

Promise - iPromise

Back in 2005, I put an ad on the Village Voice website showcasing my beetz. I didn’t get much responses, but one was from a young lady named Promise Ramsey who linked me to her website – she could SANG! Unfortunately we never got a collab worked out, but she’s steadily been perfecting her craft and recently dropped the D. Clax-produced iPromise. I’m loving the fact that while the song has a contemporary and “commercial” feel, she’s still able to showcase her voice. With tunes like this, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Promise on the charts sooner than later.


Heather Victoria – Victoria’s Secret

9th Wonder‘s It’s a Wonderful World Music Group has been releasing a LOT of music lately. Not withstanding Skyzoo‘s critically acclaimed albums, the net’s been seeing music from Thee Tom Hardy, Big Remo, my hip-hop crush Rapsody, and this new free-EP from Heather Victoria. Some of HV’s labelmates are joining her on this EP, including Rapsody on I’ll Always Be Down (the video for which is above). I’ll admit I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to this album yet, but given Heather’s gifts and 9th’s ear for talent, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.


Craig David – Fill Me In (posu yan remix)

We certainly couldn’t have an Urbanizm Music showcase without posu “po!” yan, could we? Of course not. After many years and a couple revisions, I love how posu flipped this Craig David hit; it’s totally different from the original but still stays true to the 2-step vibe the original had. I wonder if Craig David or producer Mark Hill have ever heard this…

On another note, since we’re showcasing Urbanizm artists, I’d be remiss if I didn’t send happy birthday wishes to UM member Skrybe!

DOWNLOAD: CRAIG DAVID – FILL ME IN (POSU YAN REMIX) (right-click, ‘save as…’)

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