Cy Jackson – Walls

Here’s a brief story to preface this song: So back in the days when Myspace was cool, I found a girl by the name of CJ Suite whose music absolutely blew me away. Combined with the fact that she was drop-dead gorgeous, it was scary that she hadn’t become a huge star yet. Fast forward to Valentine’s Day 2012 (who DIDN’T put out a song that day?) – CJ, now going by her given name of Cy Jackson, dropped a new song entitled Walls, which shows that as great as she was a few years ago, she’s only gotten better. Side note: the lyrics to this song make me want to take this woman on a date. I mean, Florida and Texas aren’t THAT far…


Lola – Right Now

Lola - Right Now

When you don’t update your website for almost 3 months, you tend to miss a couple things. Things like the passing of R&B deity Whitney Houston, Rihanna making a song with Chris Brown (and people inexplicably giving a damn), and this song, Right Now, that the lovely Lola released back on Valentine’s Day(!). This CalQulated-produced jam is extra-smooth and the best part is you can tell from Lola’s delivery that she’s not unleashing her full potential. Doing so naturally wouldn’t be appropriate for a song like this, but I can feel like one of these days she’s gonna go all Mariah on a song and I can’t wait to hear it.


Lydia Caesar – #7DaysOfCaesar (Day 7)

After 6 days of anticipation, Lydia finally gives us the first single from Caesar, the Grand Staff-produced Lottery. (I just wish I wasn’t at the day job so I could hear it). March 15 is the date!

DAYS 1 & 2 | DAY 3 | DAY 4 | DAY 5 | DAY 6

Lydia Caesar – #7DaysOfCaesar (Day 6)

Tomorrow’s the big day! Day 6 is essentially a trailer for Lottery, the first single from Lydia‘s Caesar album. I don’t think this site has ever updated as frequently as it has in the last week…and it’s gonna be a while before it happens again.

DAYS 1 & 2 | DAY 3 | DAY 4 | DAY 5

Lydia Caesar – #7DaysOfCaesar (Day 5)

Day 5 has Lydia taking us into a studio session for a track entitled The Most Beautiful; very smooth stuff indeed. We’ve got only two days left, with the debut of Lottery at the end!

DAYS 1 & 2 | DAY 3 | DAY 4

Lydia Caesar – #7DaysOfCaesar (Day 4)

On the fourth day of Ceasar, Lydia has a listening session with her focus group to preview the album. Judging from the snippets we get to hear in the video, Miss C. has a pretty solid album going on…but we’ll all get to check out the total package on March 15!

DAYS 1 & 2 | DAY 3

Lydia Caesar – #7DaysOfCaesar (Day 3)

On the third day of Ceasar, Lydia gives us an inside look as to the photoshoot for the album, and reminds me why I moved from new York to Florida. But seriously, that Lottery song? That Lottery song.

DAYS 1 & 2

Lydia Caesar – #7DaysOfCaesar (Days 1 & 2)

Rock&B diva Lydia Caesar, who was the subject of our first post, is gearing up to release her debut album, CAESAR, on March 15, so she’s decided to release a new promo video each day for the next week, with her first single, Lottery, dropping on the seventh day. I missed the first post yesterday but it’s here along with post #2. Be on the lookout for CAESAR!

Jay-Z – Glory (ft. B.I.C.)

Jay-Z - Glory (ft. B.I.C.)

Babies rock the house. Kudos to Jay- and Mrs. Z on the new arrival.

Glory Feat. B.I.C. by RocNation

Jade Alston – Single on a Saturday Night

Jade Alston - Single on a Saturday Night

I really like Jade Alston. I don’t know what it is specifically…maybe it’s the unique tone of her voice, or the lyrics of Single on a Saturday Night and how she makes them seem believable, or how she handles many different styles on this EP without any of it seeming forced. Maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever it is, I’m sure we’re going to be hearing quite a bit out of Jade in the future.


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