Dj Mystix & Sabrina Valenzuela – Ancient Dreams

Dj Mystix does good work. He’s got a real chill style to his songs that makes them just right for, well, chilling. This track from the game Nier (with vox by Sabrina Valenzuela) is right up my alley: it’s extra laid back, Sabrina’s singing is beautiful, and there’s a Gerudo Valley cameo! I was already a big fan of Mystix’s solo stuff, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what else he and Sabrina can cook up together.


Rita Ora – Swim Good (cover)

I’m sure most people might know Rita Ora as Jay-Z’s Rihanna-like protege who’s done a couple dancy songs. I was first introduced to Rita on Craig David’s Trust Me album, when her 16-year-old voice totally blew him away on Awkward (I even remember thinking, y’know, this girl could have a real future; hope she actually makes it). This cover of Frank Ocean’s Swim Good is more of the latter; it’s soulful and acoustic and she really gets to showcase her vocal skills. Her debut album drops at the end of the month; I’m really looking forward to seeing how far her talents can take her.

Jhené Aiko – 3:16AM (video)

Y’know the best thing about this video? It’s new music by Jhené! The second thing is, I can totally imagine this being what was going thru her mind when writing this song – it’s calm in certain parts, frantic in others, dark in others…it’s a total clusterf*ck of emotions, and that’s not a bad thing. I’m gonna need Souled Out to come out sooner rather than later.

Wish – Me Against Her

Wish - Everything From You

Yep, Wish again! She released her new project, Me Against Her, this past Tuesday, and I’ve been rocking out to it ever since. She brings it back to an R&B vibe a la Skool Gurl Diaries, but there’s definitely a more mature feel to everything, both in her vocals and in Donny Roc’s songwriting. With this kind of progress, only time will tell where Wish and Donny will be a year or two by now.


Elle Varner – Refill

I am loving Elle Varner: she’s gorgeous, she can sing her ass off (and has a slight rasp in her voice to add some character to it), and she’s got a lot of hair like Lydia. I thought her collab with J. Cole was cool and quirky, but Refill has got that SOUL. Consider Perfectly Imperfect a part of my collection come August 7!


Wish – Everything From You

Wish - Everything From You

Gonna keep this writeup simple: I’m convinced that Wish can do no wrong. I still play Skool Gurl Diaries religiously, and with her Me Against Her mixtape set to release next month, there’s gonna be a lot more ear candy coming.


Dale North – You and I

Dale made more music. 😉 I guess Mr. North was on a roll or something, cuz this new Xenogears remix just hit OverClocked and I’m loving it. It’s classic Dale with that smooth vibe. Would I get married just to have this song play at my wedding? I’d say yes.


Dale North – Everything’s Alright

Leave it up to Dale North to knock me out of a posting slump. He actually let this loose last month, but due to extenuating circumstances, I haven’t been able to post it. I wasn’t too familiar with Laura Shigihara but after hearing this badass remix Dale did of one of her songs, I’m a huge fan of her too now! I’ve literally listened to this song at least a dozen times a day since it came out, which hopefully says something…it says that Dale needs to make more music. =)


Radiowar – Amorelle

When I read the write-up of this song on OC ReMix, there were certain terms thrown around like “Shenmue,” “Nujabes,” “downtempo beats,” and “silky Rhodes” that made me pretty sure this one gonna be one of the greatest songs ever. Then I listened to it and I was right. If you’ve never heard the soundtrack to Shenmue, do it – then listen to how Radiowar flipped Cherry Blossom Wind Dance into something new and incredible while still keeping the feel of the original. This is heavy-duty vibin’ music; dig it.


melody – affirmation

When I dropped a song called Moonlight Vibin’ a couple years ago, I was proudest of having done some justice to a source tune that I’m absolutely in love with, the end credits music from Mega Man X5. So when OverClocked ReMix started work on an album rearranging tunes from the MMX series, I hoped someone would show the track some love…actually, I hoped that person would’ve been me. But after I mysteriously found myself off the participants’ list, melody came in an whipped the ass of anything I could have done. After you give it a listen, check out the rest of Maverick Rising; it’s got SmoothedOut faves like Joshua Morse & Diggi Dis on it as well.


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