P.O.E.T – Lights Fade (ft. Shane Kora)

P.O.E.T - Lights Fade (ft. Shane Kora)

Okay, so today’s my birthday (yay me!) but I wanted to post this really cool song, as well as announce that Smoothed Out is now on Twitter! Follow us at twitter.com/Smoothed_Out and get updates on new posts and assorted shizz. Now on to the music:

My friend P.O.E.T has been doing his spoken word thing for a few years; you can usually find him hitting the open mic circuit in and around NYC. This is the first single from his upcoming second album, Nerd at the Cool Table. The jazz backdrop accentuates his poetry perfectly, and the vocals from Shane Kora are a homerun. I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the album. Til it hits, this ought to tide you over; and since the track only costs a dollar, the price is definitely right!