Lydia Caesar – CAESAR

Lydia Caesar - CAESAR

If you’d told me earlier this year that Lydia‘s CAESAR album would have been released for almost three weeks before I posted it, I’d have thought you were nuts…but embarrassingly enough, that’s what happened. =(

It’s not a surprise that Lydia is one of my favorite singers: her song Masterpiece was the first song I featured on this site, she’s allowed Torae to make a SmoothedOut quality track, and her #7DaysOfCaesar campaign was the most consistently that I ever updated the site. All those songs/features/videos have lead Lydia to what all singers look forward to: the debut album. LC has put together a hell of a project; she tackles a series of different styles (you can hear rock, blues, hip hop, and gospel vibes mixed in with her standard R&B fare), but she manages to have them blend without giving the album a pretentious “listen to me, I’m so diverse!” kinda way. Her singing and songwriting is top notch on CAESAR as well; not only does she have a knack for not just singing really well, when she’s really feeling what she’s singing, she lets it out to where the listen can feel it too…I’ve found that to be one of MJB‘s best qualities, so Lydia’s in great company. As for standout tracks, there are a few, but I’ll showcase two: Lottery, the album’s first single, has a contemporary vibe that the “radio” crowd can get into, and St. Louis…well shit, just listen to it.

There’s CAESAR, ladies and gentleman. Lydia hit a homerun with her debut, and is sure to keep her fans satisfied until the next time she’s at bat.