Joshua Morse – It’s Like Flying

Joshua Morse - It's Like Flying

Situations like this make me feel extremely fortunate to have such talented friends. Check it: many moons ago, I got an email from my Urbanizm labelmate JM with some song demos he was working on. One of them, “likeflying.mp3,” particularly caught my eye (well, my ears) due to it being super-chill and better than anything I ever could have written. Fast forward a few years and Joshua has released Waveform 4, the fourth album in his Waveform chipdisc series – complete with a vintage SNES-sounding, enhanced and completed It’s Like Flying. Without hyperbole, I’ve enjoyed every song on every Waveform EP, but (perhaps due to my “history” with it, or simply cuz it’s that good) It’s Like Flying is my favorite song of them all.