Heather Victoria – Graffiti Diary

Heather Victoria - Graffiti Diary

This album dropped last week, but due to unforeseen (and extremely annoying :() computer issues, I’m only getting to post it now. Anyway, tunes from Heather Victoria are always well worth the wait. She recently dropped her second album and definitely doesn’t stray too far from what brought her to the dance at IWWMG: mid-90’s sounding R&B jammage produced by the good folks at the Soul Council, and features from her fellow Jamla artists. If I did have one small gripe, it’d be that the aforementioned features might be a little too numerous; I give her props for wanting to include all her labelmates on her album, but it while the number of features isn’t a deal-breaker per se, it wouldn’t have hurt matters for a couple of them to sit this one out. In any event, Graffiti Diary is a very solid album, which is becoming par for the course with HV.