SmoothedOut.com is a space where I will be showcasing music that I like to vibe to. Who am I? I’m DCT, just a mild-mannered music lover and music creator living in the Tampa, Florida area. There’s more info about me (and a few cool tunes as well) at my homepage, http://sonicskillz.com.

What kind of music will I be showcasing? This site isn’t going to be genre-specific: you’re bound to see R&B stuff, hip hop, jazz, video game music, or pretty much whatever I feel like because I’m a megalomaniac…just kidding. You’re gonna be seeing and hearing a lot of “vibing music” across the musical spectrum.

There is going to be a lot of free music linked to here, but there is also going to be some for sale; if you’re really digging any songs I have with a price tag, please support the artist with a purchase.