Aaliyah – I Care 4 U

If you’re an R&B music fan – and if you’re reading this, chance are that you are – you know (or at least should know) that Aaliyah passed away 9 years ago today. Aaliyah is still one of my favorite singers; her voice was incredible and, let’s face it, she was smokin’ hot. I had this conversation with a friend a few months back: Aaliyah died when she was 22, which probably puts her “peak” at about 17 or 18 (though truthfully I doubt she’d reached her true peak, but follow along with me). This means that at 17, she could vocally annihilate most of these R&B chicks who are well into their 20s and 30s.

Anyway, here’s my favorite Aaliyah song, I Care 4 U, from her self-titled final album. This song is smooth as hell and rather unappreciated…and if you know me at all, you already know my unhealthy addiction for Rhodes piano. Listen to it, vibe out, buy it, and you too will wish you could trade in some of these current R&B acts for more Aaliyah.